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Welcome to the Department of Urban Design an Land-Use Planning

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26.04.2017 – Transforming City Regions & the Urban Research Network

In February 16.-18.02.2017, Department of Urban Design and Land Use Planning (STB), Faculty of Spatial Planning TU Dortmund, and the University of Virginia, Faculty of Architecture, have organized together with the UAR New York, The Emschergenossenschaft and further partners an international Symposium in New York on water and resilience in cities and regions.


Summer Academy Announcement

02.02.2017 – Housing, Crafts and Industry in Cultural Landscapes
Resilient Land Use Development for Quasi-Urbanized Areas - The Kyoto Fushimi Greenbelt, Japan

05.-11. Sept 2017 Kyoto Fushimi Workshop
12.-18. Sept 2017 Excursion to Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara, Naoshima, Teshima, Himeji and other areas

This Academy offers a unique chance to German and Japanese students to work together with the local administration and community in Kyoto and Fushimi on a legalization plan for a yet uncoordinated development within the historical surroundings of the city of Kyoto.


Conference „On the way to… Energy Efficiency in the District“, 30 November 2016

27.10.2016 – The graduate school (FSK) „Energy Efficiency in the District: Clever Supply.Rebuild.Activate” with the research of its 13 doctoral students and its members invite jointly with the Regional Innovation Network Energy Efficiency Ruhr (RIN) to discuss necessary system innovations, structures and solutions. The inter- and transdisciplinary conference puts its focus on the level of urban neighbourhoods or districts and invites both researchers and practitioners working on energy efficiency solutions.


Intercultural Dialog Towards Reclaiming Public Space in Metropolitan Areas - Comparative Analysis for a Sustainable Developement of Public Spaces.

21.07.2015 – Cooperation DAAD Projekt between TU Dortmund University and the German Jordanian University.


Autumn Workshop in Dortmund, 19-20 Oct 2015: 'Dortmund Nord: How to Leverage Economic Growth from Spatial Projects?' The 51st ISOCARP International Planning Congress.“

03.07.2015 – "Dortmund, a growing city during the 19th and most of the 20th century met a crisis in the 1980’s and as a result the population and economy started to shrink, as many surrounding European cities did at the time. Emerging from this crisis a plan was put forward; for the past 15 years Dortmund has had a sustained urban regeneration which transformed the heavy industry onto a creative and comprehensive economic model based on urban regeneration and supported by the implementation of technology clusters. Dortmund workshop is a place to learn from the achievements made and the future challenges ahead."


Schlaun-Competition 2015: Two recognitions for students of urban design at the TU Dortmund Faculty of Spatial Planning

15.05.2015 – The 4th statewide Schlaun Idea competition focused od the development of the Sterkrade coal mine brownfield in the northern area of the Oberhausen City. The task was to develop a new city quarter connecting the green areas of a renaturated slag heap and of an existing park with the local centre by crossing the existing rail tracks. Social and ecological aspects were to be emphasized.


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