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Intercultural Dialog Towards Reclaiming Public Space in Metropolitan Areas - Comparative Analysis for a Sustainable Developement of Public Spaces.

21.07.2015 – Cooperation DAAD Projekt between TU Dortmund University and the German Jordanian University.


Autumn Workshop in Dortmund, 19-20 Oct 2015: 'Dortmund Nord: How to Leverage Economic Growth from Spatial Projects?' The 51st ISOCARP International Planning Congress.“

03.07.2015 – "Dortmund, a growing city during the 19th and most of the 20th century met a crisis in the 1980’s and as a result the population and economy started to shrink, as many surrounding European cities did at the time. Emerging from this crisis a plan was put forward; for the past 15 years Dortmund has had a sustained urban regeneration which transformed the heavy industry onto a creative and comprehensive economic model based on urban regeneration and supported by the implementation of technology clusters. Dortmund workshop is a place to learn from the achievements made and the future challenges ahead."


Schlaun-Competition 2015: Two recognitions for students of urban design at the TU Dortmund Faculty of Spatial Planning

15.05.2015 – The 4th statewide Schlaun Idea competition focused od the development of the Sterkrade coal mine brownfield in the northern area of the Oberhausen City. The task was to develop a new city quarter connecting the green areas of a renaturated slag heap and of an existing park with the local centre by crossing the existing rail tracks. Social and ecological aspects were to be emphasized.