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Schlaun-Competition 2015: Two recognitions for students of urban design at the TU Dortmund Faculty of Spatial Planning

The 4th statewide Schlaun Idea competition focused od the development of the Sterkrade coal mine brownfield in the northern area of the Oberhausen City. The task was to develop a new city quarter connecting the green areas of a renaturated slag heap and of an existing park with the local centre by crossing the existing rail tracks. Social and ecological aspects were to be emphasized.

83 selected proposals have been handed in, two of them priced by recognition for our students:


Jonas Hölzel, Dominik Schultheiß, Markus Braumeister, Jan Möhring, Justyna Lazarewicz, Anna Mazurak (Bachelor, Urban Design Studio III, Supervision: Päivi Kataikko)


Fabian Deckel (Master, Supervision: Jan Polívka)







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