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Department Profile

The Department of Urban Design and Land Use Planning is accomplishing lectures and research on current urban design and planning issues at one of the largest spatial planning schools in Europe. The department focuses on the transition of cities and surrounding regions as well as on restructuring processes of urban quarters and areas. Research, development and teaching is focussing on the following key aspects:


Urban Design

We are dealing with implementing strategies to develop urban and non-urban areas under various aspects. We work in several research, consulting and expert assesments on conceptual and related law binding town planning issues, urban design, urban renewal, social district development, residential properties and civic participation projects.


Building culture

We offer training courses on spatial contexts are focussing on urban, suburban and non-urban areas. The analysis of existing urbnan structure and buildings, recognizing the potential those structures and their quality may offer to the society. Identifying existing structures is one of the main goal to communicate with public stakeholders their possible assembly prodecures. In our work, we additionally concentrate on planning for and with children and young people.


Urban research

We integrate future prospects and trends in current research concepts for urban areas. In the practical field, created concepts are being realized based on previous structures, current visions, qualified urban design, land use and district plans as well as masterplans and strategies for further development of urban structures. From drafting until the finalized project, many steps are to be taken. Our theoretical and applied research is aimed to support these fields of professional planning action. It is based on interdisciplinary approach, connecting different experts and stakeholders from schience and practical life.


Our general principles are:

  • Practice oriented, research based action
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Mediation, Communication and transfer of knowledge
  • International exchange of know how


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