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Städtebau im Dialog - 2. Staffel - Interview with Karoline Liedtke and Michiel van Driessche

And as you can hear, today's episode will be in the English language, since we have two international guests from Denmark and The Netherlands.
Our first guest is Karoline Liedtke. Karoline works as head of landscape at the Copenhagen-based office COBE. COBE is a well-known architecture and planning office with a wide range of projects that have a special focus on urban public space. Karoline has been a perfect guest to give us an idea of how the Danish mindset towards public spaces creates a high quality of life in cities.
Our second guest is Michiel van Driessche from the Rotterdam-based landscape architects office Felixx. Michiel gave us his opinion from the Dutch perspective, describing how the use of open spaces changed during Corona in the Netherlands, and also talked with us about the German mentality towards engineering and regulations.



So here is our new episode with Karoline Liedtke and Michiel van Driessche! Enjoy!


Zum Interview:


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